Bringing a new therapy to market can be an arduous process.  Enabling patient access to newly launched product presents an entirely different set of complexities. Fortunately, a manufacturer can get ahead of potential barriers through a five-point guide that can be activated by their patient services provider.
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PharmaCord is the connector between manufacturers, patients, physicians, and payors. The company provides customized solutions to life sciences companies that span three core areas; patient support, pharmacy services and manufacturer support. These integrated services are designed to increase accessibility, clinical oversight and market acceptance of prescription therapy. Independently owned and organically built, PharmaCord is free from any competing priorities, enabling it to design and implement patient access and support programs that align with the objectives of its life sciences clients. PharmaCord’s experienced team coupled with its proprietary CORscend technology platform optimizes workflow to deliver improved program execution, more rapid therapy initiation and increased patient engagement. To learn more about how PharmaCord improves commercial outcomes for life sciences companies, visit pharmacord.com.