Sales Team Portal

An actionable quick-reference guide
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Designed to help sales teams be more effective

Increasing access to therapy and expanding market share depends on salespeople having the right insights. Equipping salespeople with dashboard data empowers pre-call planning. The Sales Team Portal aggregates data and makes it available on any device for easy use.


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  • View non-PHI, real-time data on patient therapy statuses
  • Understand how prescribers are using products
  • View HCP volumes by sales target class 
  • Resolve office issues quickly 
  • Stay on top of program enrollments
  • Track alerts by program case managers 
  • See enrollment statuses 


A snapshot of non-PHI patient statuses and actions required

Easily see how many patients are new, inactive, have never started or have restarted therapy. With just a click, salespeople can see action items and what they must do next.

High levels of security

PharmaCord works with our client’s IT groups to validate and authenticate users and to create seamless sign-ons.

Customized notifications make it easy to see outcomes

Set up real-time email and text alerts when events occur, such as new program enrollments or new prescriptions.


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Explore the Lynk Technology Suite


Unearth stories through data.

  • Converts data into insights, providing the foresight for manufacturers to improve decision making  
  • High integrity data can be broken down into specific areas of the patient’s journey  
  • Biopharma manufacturers can look up trends and insights about their customers, at any time 
  • Personalized and interactive dashboards and reports
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Field Team Portal

A real-time, bi-directional communication tool to drive action.

  • Easily track the status of program enrollments 
  • View real-time data from all partners 
  • Track progress and take action 
  • Get actionable case-level information with PHI details, with appropriate consent and authorization
  • Review and add case notes and documents 
  • Get alerts
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Patient Connect

Check prescription status, request refills, and chat with program case managers

  • Patients can request refills, set appointment/lab reminders, chat with case managers and benefit specialists 
  • Provide consent for communication pieces 
  • Upload documents
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Provider Connect

Streamline tasks and communications for physicians.

  • Seamless electronic enrollment and coverage check 
  • Secure messaging 
  • Program enrollment dashboard with patient status and details 
  • View and add case notes and documents 
  • Information about affordability programs, product information, and more
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Rx Approve

Create letters of necessity and appeals.

  • A seamless, interactive tool for prescribers and staff to generate thorough, well-structured letters to insurance companies 
  • Choose from pre-written and customizable elements 
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Patient Consent Platform

Store and manage patients’ marketing and communication consents.

  • Easily check patients’ preferred communications   
  • Enables support teams to move forward more swiftly
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