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right places.

Patients won’t know our names, but they’ll know yours. As access to specialty prescriptions increases, so will trust in your medication brand.

We are highly motivated and passionate about providing the highest quality customer support to our patients. 

  • 1,200+ people working under one roof

  • 500+ people with one or more college degrees

  • Top Ratings in Client Satisfaction

  • Named a best place to work by The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management (KYSHRM)

Our Specialists

Leadership Team

Helming PharmaCord is a team with incredible depth of experience across healthcare and technology. We are united in our excitement about helping our clients plan the path ahead, and in supporting patients and physicians throughout a complicated process.

  • Nitin Sahney, Founder and CEO
  • Patrick Lee, CFO
  • Cindy Padgett, CCO
  • Phani Konduru, CIO
  • Rob Brown, CGO
  • Denise Von Dohren, SVP, Patient Services
  • David Hileman, EVP
  • Beth Roberts, VP, Administration
  • Jim Karp, Non Executive Chairman
  • Dean Dimitropoulos, VP Controller
  • Aaron Seamans, CISSP, VP Information Technology
  • Kellen Rollins, VP, Software Development
  • Sarah Walker, VP,  Patient Services
  • Kari Glenn, VP, Patient Services


Meet the team

Patient Services

Our dedicated team shields patients from a stressful, confusing prescription process. After all, patients simply want their medications. By delivering proactive, point-of-care services, and compassionate help, we help patients feel reassured and relieved.

  • Our sophisticated training program ensures excellence 
  • Low turnover among staff ensures continuity in programs

Pharmacy Operations

By fulfilling prescriptions quickly and running our affordability programs, these staff play crucial roles for patients, physicians, and our patient services team. They understand the need to move swiftly and efficiently, because patients are depending on them.

  • Non-commercial pharmacy services include everything from PAPs to brand programs 
  • Enhancing manufacturers’ growth through efficient, high-quality services


Helping our customers evolve is in our DNA. Building the Lynk technology suite from the ground up was just the beginning – we are continually adapting and solving new challenges that arise in the ever-shifting healthcare space. Our tech team builds new solutions, brings data to life, and expands our ability to deliver on our promises, so brands can deliver on theirs.

  • 25+ technology experts 
  • Builders of Lynk, our proprietary technology suite

Quality Assurance

Maintaining top quality programs requires vigilance, which is precisely what our QA team brings to programs. This team oversees everything from ensuring KPIs are met on client programs to conducting compliance and program audits, and creating recommendations for improvement.

  • 15+ experts helping clients meet and exceed program goals      
  • Comprehensive oversight enables compliant, top quality programs

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