A powerful data and analytics system
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Designed to help biopharma manufacturers generate insights easily

This robust, intuitive reporting module converts data into insights, providing the foresight for manufacturers to improve decision making.

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  • Get complete visibility into the patient journey
  • Create detailed reports on program metrics
  • Biopharma manufacturers can look up trends and insights about their customers at any time
  • View personalized and interactive dashboards
  • High integrity data can be segmented into specific areas of the patient’s journey

A picture of progress

See what happened, why it happened, and what’s likely to happen next

Every PharmaCord client receives a custom dashboard based on their drug, disease state, business rules, and individual needs. Log in at any time to see near real-time updates on patient therapy journeys and the state of patient support services.


Track the status of activities in near real-time, such as:

  • Insurance authorizations
  • Trends by state
  • Product adoption in the marketplace
  • Number of physicians writing prescriptions
  • Number of patients approved for therapy
  • And much more


Using data, we can determine things like:

  • Identify obstacles in enrollment processing 
  • Prior authorization statistics including delays and denials 
  • Why trends are changing
  • And more  


Armed with data, it’s possible to: 

  • Predict activity based on trends 
  • Proactively communicate and take action to resolve issues   
  • Become even more strategic as the program evolves  

Key features of PharmaCord Insights

Track turnaround times at each step

  • View the entire patient journey
  • See how long authorizations take at every step
  • Identify areas for improvement

See the program at a glance

  • View case volume by state
  • Track program enrollments
  • Spot patterns in enrollment times
  • See progress in near real-time

Customize views & reports to fit your needs

  • See as much or as little data as you like
  • Nothing is hidden from view—so you can even track PharmaCord’s responsiveness
  • Create spreadsheets and PDFs to use for internal presentations
  • PHI is always protected


Interested in how this technology could fit into your program?

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Explore the Lynk Technology Suite

Field Team Portal

A real-time, bi-directional communication tool to drive action.

  • Easily track the status of program enrollments 
  • View real-time data from all partners 
  • Track progress and take action 
  • Get actionable case-level information with PHI details, with appropriate consent and authorization
  • Review and add case notes and documents 
  • Get alerts
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Sales Team Portal

Stay on top of issues, volumes, referrals, and patient statuses.

  • View non-PHI, real-time data on patient therapy statuses 
  • View HCP volumes by sales target class 
  • Resolve office issues quickly 
  • Pre-plan office visits 
  • Stay on top of program enrollments 
  • Track alerts by program case managers
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Patient Connect

Check prescription status, request refills, and chat with support specialists.

  • Patients can request refills, set appointment/lab reminders, chat with case managers and benefit specialists 
  • Provide consent for communication pieces 
  • Upload documents
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Provider Connect

Streamline tasks and communications for physicians.

  • Seamless electronic enrollment and coverage check 
  • Secure messaging 
  • Program enrollment dashboard with patient status and details 
  • View and add case notes and documents 
  • Information about affordability programs, product information, and more
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Rx Approve

Create letters of necessity and appeals.

  • A seamless, interactive tool for prescribers and staff to generate thorough, well-structured letters to insurance companies 
  • Choose from pre-written and customizable elements 
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Patient Consent Platform

Store and manage patients’ marketing and communication consents.

  • Easily check patients’ preferred communications   
  • Enables support teams to move forward more swiftly
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