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In a cost-sensitive market, we know the importance of delivering top-quality pharmacy services quickly. Through a balance of talent and technology, we compress timelines and eliminate obstacles for patients.   

Our Programs

Grow your pharmacy services—and improve patients’ experience with your medication brand through your access & affordability programs. 

Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs)

Comprehensive free drug program services, including intelligent eligibility verification and seamless dispensing for patients unable to afford their medications.

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Manufacturer-Sponsored Patient Programs

Our Rx specialists work quickly to fulfill specialty medications, so patients can avoid the discouragement of waiting. We support 30+ therapies for major drug manufacturers.

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Voucher Programs

Manage the quantities of free medications dispensed, and ensure only approved recipients can access voucher programs.

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Quick Start Programs

Dispense medications to patients quickly while we sort-out insurance, cost, and other issues behind the scenes.

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Bridge Programs

Deliver free medications to patients experiencing a gap in their therapy, whether that’s from a change in insurance coverage, loss of coverage, or expired prior authorization.

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Replacement Programs

Offer replacement medication to eligible patients. Accidents happen, and a misfired auto-injector, broken syringe, or spoiled medication can be replaced, at no charge, based on the rules and eligibility determined by the manufacturer.

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Dose Modification Programs

Make sure patients don’t experience a gap in therapy when their prescriber modifies their dosage. Sometimes insurance won’t cover the dosage increase right away, creating a temporary obstacle. A dosage program provides patients with free medication until their insurance coverage resumes.

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Wondering what it takes to run a successful patient program?

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