Integrating Solutions for Commercial Success

The real challenge begins when a medication is prescribed. We provide the tools to mitigate these barriers and expedite patient access to therapy.

PharmaCord connects manufacturers, patients, care teams, physicians, and payors.  We help innovative therapies reach the patients they were intended for, and we provide support services that enhance the patient experience on therapy. We are not your typical reimbursement hub; we are a patient services company aligned with your strategic goals. 

Our customized solutions create better outcomes.


Provide end-to-end support throughout the patient journey from therapy initiation to ongoing adherence support and quite a few stops in between. 


Elevate your patient support program with an integrated non-commercial mail-order pharmacy for patient assistance programs (PAP), trial offer programs, and other dispensing programs. 


Dynamically support your commercialization strategy with data insights and technology tools that are adaptable and customizable to meet your needs.

We are differentiated in our approach to patient services. 

We are independently owned with our sole focus on providing exceptional patient services on behalf of life sciences companies. We steer clear from any conflicts.


Led by industry pioneers, we draw from experiences across the pharma ecosystem in developing innovative programs that differentiate your product. We bring new ideas.


Our COR technology suite transcends the traditional patient services platform. It allows us to do what we do better, quicker and more efficiently. Your patients will benefit.


We are known as the dependable choice. Our commitment to stellar service extends all the way to our CEO. This focus is why we have never lost a client.

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If you are building out your commercial strategy for a new product launch, or if you would like to get more out of your existing patient support program, we can help.