PharmaCord is the connector between manufacturers, patients, physicians, and payors.
We provide patient support services to increase accessibility, clinical oversight and market acceptance of prescription​ therapy.

improving commercial outcomes in a complex healthcare environment

Every product has a unique set of challenges and opportunities, especially in today’s healthcare environment​. Our patient-centric approach integrates services which help patients get the most out of their therapy, leading to better service outcomes. PharmaCord’s management team provides insights for pharmaceutical manufacturers to better navigate these market dynamics.

CAPS Center

PharmaCord’s CAPS (Centralized Access Patient Service) Center is the nucleus for our services

Clinical Intervention Center

Our clinical team provides services designed to help patients get the most out of their therapy

Pharmacy Operations Center

State-of-the-art pharmacy agile enough to handle nearly any dispensing strategy

Integrated Systems

We capture integrated, real-time, accurate data to improve intelligence and drive better decisions

Experienced Leadership Drives Superior Performance


PharmaCord operates as an independent company guided by a single management team.  This enables us to draw upon our varied perspectives and apply our industry knowledge to create unbiased, customized and tailored solutions that enhance brand value.


  • PharmaCord leadership has supported the launch of more than 40 products in various disease categories from specialty to primary care
  • PharmaCord has developed new and innovative service offerings supporting millions of patients
  • PharmaCord founders led the launch of RxCrossroads and the formation of Omnicare Specialty Care Group
  • Founder and CEO, Nitin Sahney, has a successful history leading a Fortune 500 healthcare company