Rx Approve

Create letters of medical necessity and appeals
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Designed to enable prescribers and staff to rapidly generate thorough letters to insurance companies

The Rx Approve tool transforms the creation of letters of medical necessity by permitting the healthcare provider to customize elements based upon the patient’s unique medical history, while drawing upon FDA approved product information and peer-reviewed clinical information. 

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  • Accelerate access through clear communication with insurers about why the prescriber has chosen a therapy for the patient
  • Product information, clinical research and peer-reviewed articles are available from within the system’s database
  • Provide clinical details unique to the patient that support payer requirements for medical necessity

This is so easy to use. I even pulled my co-workers over to see it. Every patient is different and it’s so hard to write letters of medical necessity and appeals letters. And this is actually backed by data.

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Everything needed to create thorough letters

A 2022 pilot program showed that Rx Approve helped facilitate thorough reviews by payers that yielded access approvals of 40% for a product that had nearly zero payer coverage at launch.

This tool was incredibly easy for us. And I know it’s a much better quality letter than I could have generated by myself.

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Guidance at every step to simplify the process

Choose from pre-written and customizable elements to craft a letter, instead of staring down a blank screen.

Clinical research and peer-reviewed articles at your fingertips

Access clinical research and peer-reviewed articles from within the Rx Approve tool.

Accessible from any device

Work on letters when and where it’s convenient. The system automatically returns to the location last saved.

I love that I can go to the peer-reviewed articles. I can’t wait to get started on all the cases we have.

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Interested in how this technology could fit into your program?

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Explore the Lynk Technology Suite


Unearth stories through data.

  • Converts data into insights, providing the foresight for manufacturers to improve decision making  
  • High integrity data can be broken down into specific areas of the patient’s journey  
  • Biopharma manufacturers can look up trends and insights about their customers, at any time 
  • Personalized and interactive dashboards and reports
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Field Team Portal

A real-time, bi-directional communication tool to drive action.

  • Easily track the status of program enrollments 
  • View real-time data from all partners 
  • Track progress and take action 
  • Get actionable case-level information with PHI details, with appropriate consent and authorization
  • Review and add case notes and documents 
  • Get alerts
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Sales Team Portal

Stay on top of issues, volumes, referrals, and patient statuses.

  • View non-PHI, real-time data on patient therapy statuses 
  • View HCP volumes by sales target class 
  • Resolve office issues quickly 
  • Pre-plan office visits 
  • Stay on top of program enrollments 
  • Track alerts by program case managers
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Patient Connect

Check prescription status, request refills, and chat with program case managers

  • Patients can request refills, set appointment/lab reminders, chat with case managers and benefit specialists 
  • Provide consent for communication pieces 
  • Upload documents
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Provider Connect

Streamline tasks and communications for physicians.

  • Seamless electronic enrollment and coverage check 
  • Secure messaging 
  • Program enrollment dashboard with patient status and details 
  • View and add case notes and documents 
  • Information about affordability programs, product information, and more
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Patient Consent Platform

Store and manage patients’ marketing and communication consents.

  • Easily check patients’ preferred communications   
  • Enables support teams to move forward more swiftly
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I have a hard time trying to find the right words, and the selections are worded perfectly.

Medical Office Staff

*Image is a stock photo portrayal of medical staff