Field Team Portal

A real-time, bi-directional communication tool to drive action
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Designed to help field teams accelerate access for complex therapies

Complicated drug therapies often require an extra layer of help to facilitate their approvals. In these cases, field teams and program case managers—the professionals working between PharmaCord and patients—work diligently to ensure that everything is being done efficiently to get patients on therapy. Using the Field Team Portal, professionals can collaborate to expedite access to therapy.

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  • Easily track the status of program enrollment
  • View real-time data from all partners 
  • Clearly see what needs to happen next 
  • Get actionable case-level information with PHI details with appropriate consent and authorization
  • Review and add case notes 
  • Upload and review documents 
  • Two-way communication between FRMs and program case managers 
  • Receive push alerts when new information is added via email or text message

Enhance Speed to Access Therapy

We created the Field Team Portal to enhance speed to access therapy. But just how much time can it save?  

To reach dispensing goals of a new client, PharmaCord created a collaborative approach with the Field Team Portal at the center. By facilitating strong collaboration among program case managers, healthcare providers, and specialty pharmacies—all focused on in-process program enrollments—enrollment turnaround time to specialty pharmacy action was transformed in just 12 months.


  • Using the Field Team Portal, program enrollment to specialty pharmacy dispense went from 22 days to 11 days in just 12 months.*
*As measured from Q3 of 2020 to Q3 of 2021.  


Create clarity about what to do next

Clear action items ensure that each person understands their tasks and can keep the process moving.

Exchange notes in real-time

Add notes, questions, and more—and send alerts to those who need to take action.

Establish a one-stop shop for documents

Access to enrollment forms, prior authorizations statuses and other required patient enrollment documents in one place easily reveals what’s missing and helps prevent issues.


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Unearth stories through data.

  • See the entire patient journey 
  • View real-time data from all partners 
  • Track progress and take action 
  • Get actionable case-level information with PHI details 
  • Review and add case notes and documents 
  • Get alerts
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Sales Team Portal

Stay on top of issues, volumes, referrals, and patient statuses.

  • View non-PHI, real-time data on patient therapy statuses 
  • View HCP volumes by sales target class 
  • Resolve office issues quickly 
  • Pre-plan office visits 
  • Stay on top of program enrollments 
  • Track alerts by program case managers
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Patient Connect

Check prescription status, request refills, and chat with program case managers

  • Patients can request refills, set appointment/lab reminders, chat with program case managers and benefit specialists 
  • Provide consent for communication pieces 
  • Upload documents
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Provider Connect

Streamline tasks and communications for physicians.

  • Seamless electronic enrollment and coverage check 
  • Secure messaging 
  • Program enrollment dashboard with patient status and details 
  • View and add case notes and documents 
  • Information about affordability programs, product information, and more
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Rx Approve

Create letters of necessity and appeals.

  • A seamless, interactive tool for prescribers and staff to generate thorough, well-structured letters to insurance companies 
  • Choose from pre-written and customizable elements 
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Patient Consent Platform

Store and manage patients’ marketing and communication consents.

  • Easily check patients’ preferred communications   
  • Enables support teams to move forward more swiftly
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