Our integrated and automated platform provides key benefits to our biopharma partners including efficiency, flexibility, data-driven insights, scalability and security.

By utilizing the state-of-the-art technology we address three primary challenges faced by biopharma stakeholders today.

  • Accessing actionable data
  • Driving operational efficiency
  • Using data analytics to risk stratify patients and engage them differently

Technology Foundation

Efficiency: Our Business Process Management (BPM) based platform expertly guides the flow of work. We use extensive automation to reduce manual tasks and human errors. This results in higher-quality data, a more efficient workflow and a positive impact on speed to therapy initiation.

Flexibility: Our platform is modular and componentized to enable easy assembly or reconfiguration. Program-specific business rules are externalized, easing implementation and providing ability to quickly adapt to changes in a dynamic marketplace.

Data-driven insights: We utilize an industry-leading service bus to fully integrate and streamline external data sources to obtain full, end-to-end data connectivity. Actionable reporting is made available from our cloud on any device with full drill-down, drill-around capabilities.

Scalable and secure: The application is hosted in the Microsoft® Cloud providing reliability along with scalability and is HIPAA compliant.


At PharmaCord, we understand that the value of reporting and analytics begins with reliable data. We prioritize maintaining data integrity and ensuring clean end-to-end integration. As a result, we can offer our partners cloud-based business intelligence reporting that can be accessed from any location, on any device. The real-time reports and dashboards feature full download capabilities while maintaining a secure environment.

The true value of end-to-end data is derived from business intelligence reporting, but is also obtained using business analytics. Business intelligence reporting establishes insight into how and why variations to historical trends occur. PharmaCord moves beyond the retrospective reporting to equip our partners with predictive, analytics-based reporting that forecasts what is likely to happen. This enables our clients to be proactive in the creation of strategic directives impacting their brand.