PharmaCord Lynk™ Achieves Surescripts® Electronic Prior Authorization Certification

PharmaCord, LLC, a leading provider of patient services and other commercialization solutions to life science companies, announced today that PharmaCord Lynk™, PharmaCord’s proprietary technology system, has achieved certification from Surescripts® for electronic prior authorization. This certification is part of the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, V2017071. 

By delivering a fully integrated solution that lets users proactively initiate requests and receive quick responses, Surescripts makes prior authorizations workflows more efficient than ever. The ePA solution helps simplify and expedite a crucial aspect of healthcare, ensuring that patients receive timely access to the treatments they need.

“We are excited for PharmaCord to begin offering Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization technology,” said Andrew Mellin, M.D., Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer for Surescripts. “This tool helps clinicians simplify the prior authorization process, helping to reduce the time to therapy for patients and allowing clinicians to spend less time making calls and sending faxes and more time improving patient outcomes.”

The overall use of electronic prior authorization is increasing according to research conducted by Surescripts in the “2022 National Progress Report.” In 2022, the industry saw a 44% rise in prior authorizations processed electronically, and now 84% of prescribers use EHRs equipped with Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization.  

PharmaCord is proud to continue offering biopharmaceutical manufacturers and life science companies its upgraded state-of-the-art ePA solutions, maintaining a smoother and more efficient process that ultimately benefits all key stakeholders. 

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As a patient services provider, PharmaCord works on behalf of top drug manufacturers to simply the patient prescription journey. Through a combination of its proprietary PharmaCord Lynk ™ technology suite, exceptionally talented team members and its non-commercial pharmacy PharmaCord Scripts ™, PharmaCord helps patients have a better experience accessing and adhering to their critical medications. To learn more about how PharmaCord improves commercial outcomes for life sciences companies, visit

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