Integrated. Efficient. Flexible.

Our COR technology suite transcends the traditional hub services platform.
Our proprietary CORscend™ platform fuels our patient support programs.  We developed CORscend to solve unique challenges in patient services, and drive better patient experience and improved commercial outcomes. Quite simply, CORscend is a true differentiator. 
CORscend enables better patient experiences and commercial outcomes.  

CORscend provides seamless integration to mitigate delays in therapy.

  • Connects with manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, payers, providers
  • Integrates with other great PharmaCord systems
  • Includes omnichannel communications (built into our workflow)

CORscend helps our team work more efficiently, while enhancing each patient and prescriber interaction.

  • Business Process Management (BPM) guided workflow
  • Intelligent case management automation
  • Automated benefits investigation (eCORconnect)

CORscend is easily adaptable and customizable to changing commercial dynamics or brand strategies.

  • Workflow customizable to specific patient journey
  • Modular design for quick reconfiguration
  • Rapid adaptability to program rule changes
Fully integrated into CORscend, our eCORconnect tools – electronic benefit investigation (eBI), electronic prior authorization (ePA), and electronic patient enrollment (ePE) streamline processes that can take several days and reduces the turnaround times
to less than one minute. 
Using CORscend components, myCORconnect, integrates consumer-facing patient access and support tools into our clients’ direct-to-consumer web presences.  It’s almost as if we are bringing CORscend directly to you (a portion
of it anyway).
Is your patient support program being hindered by outdated, inflexible technology? CORscend can change that.