Innovative technology

Our COR technology suite transcends the traditional hub services platform

Leveraging the vision of the industry’s most experienced leadership team, our system was designed to create a new model for how patient access and support services are delivered. Our primary objective was to address common challenges encountered by biopharma stakeholders, namely inefficient patient support processes, siloed and rigid systems and lack of actionable data. Our proprietary CORscend platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), overcomes these challenges and more; it is a true differentiator that enables better patient experiences and commercial outcomes.

Corscend’s capabilities improve results

Integrated platforms

  • Integration of omnichannel communications into workflow
  • Connectivity to manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, payers, providers
  • Full integration across all PharmaCord technologies

Accelerate response times,
improve speed to therapy

Greater efficiency

  • Business Process Management (BPM) guided workflow
  • Intelligent case management automation
  • eCORconnect suite of electronic information exchange¬† (e.g. ePA)

Streamline your workflow,
lower program costs

Improved flexibility

  • Workflow customizable to specific patient journey
  • Modular design for quick reconfiguration
  • Rapid adaptability to program rule changes

Adapt your commercial strategy,
increase brand loyalty

Data-driven insights

  • Machine Learning (ML) enabled CORsights reporting platform tailored to your product
  • Integration of industry-leading service bus to connect various data sources
  • Device agnostic, on-demand delivery of critical insights

Convey more meaningful insights,
improve your commercial outcomes

Our eCORconnect products, which include electronic benefit investigation (eBI), electronic prior authorization (ePA), and electronic patient enrollment (ePE) converts processes that can traditionally take several days and reduces the turnaround time to less than one minute. 


Patients reach therapy quicker and more efficiently

Through myCORconnect, we provide consumer-facing patient access and support products that can be fully integrated within a manufacturer’s direct-to-consumer campaign to resolve questions related to patient access and coverage in a very efficient manner via the widely preferred communication channel; the internet.


Patients enjoy a better experience while accessing therapy quicker