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Whitney Mardis, Vice President, Patient Services, PharmaCord

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Area of residence: Prospect, Kentucky

Hobbies: Any outdoor activity with family, reading, working out and traveling



What has been the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned during the pandemic?

The most important lesson I have learned during this unprecedented time is the value of communication. The amount of change we experienced over the past 18 months was tremendous, but we found that proactive and consistent communications with our team members enabled us to navigate this change effectively. We were also forced to utilize non-traditional communication methods, such as video chat, to adapt to team members working remote. By communicating early and often, we took control of the narrative and established a level of stability in an unpredictable time.

How do you motivate people during a time of uncertainty?

It is more important than ever to be visibly present. I make an intentional effort to be present with my team to support them at all levels. It is a key focus of mine to develop my leaders by providing direct feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, while providing them with projects to facilitate developing them into stronger professionals. Additionally, I invest a lot of effort into creating a culture of trust in my team by empowering them to in their roles, while providing continual coaching and feedback.

What are you most excited about in your new role, and what’s your biggest challenge?

I am very proud to be part of an organization that has done so much locally, including adding 400 jobs in the past three years, and this new role is another reflection of the growth of our company. I am most excited about expanding my reach to coach and develop additional talent within the company. My biggest challenge is what I don’t know. I take great pride in my planning and preparation skills, but the pandemic has made me realize that some of the biggest obstacles are those that you simply cannot anticipate, regardless of how well prepared you are.

What is your most significant career achievement?

My most significant career achievement is serving as an active-duty officer in the U.S. Navy. I made the decision very early in my career to step outside my comfort zone and join an organization that would challenge me to be a better professional and person. I walked away with leadership skills that I continuously leverage today and am forever grateful for the experiences that I gained early in my career.

How can Louisville nurture its young talent to become future leaders?

Aspiring leaders need someone they can turn to for professional guidance and support outside their direct-reporting structure. Louisville can help nurture its aspiring talent pool by fostering and supporting organizations that facilitate connectivity between various new and experienced leaders. We have a great talent pool in the region, but if we don’t increase investment in local businesses, our talent will leave the Louisville area in search for other opportunities.

Complete this sentence: Greater Louisville will improve its economic standing when…

… it can develop, attract and retain top talent. Like most organizations, talent acquisition and retainment are top strategies to elevating a company from good to great. The same can be said for regional talent. Top talent has the potential to create a competitive advantage that can differentiate a specific region from others. Local communities must play a role in attracting and retaining quality talent in order to help develop the a quality workforce that can differentiate the region in the future.

Where is your go-to spot for a power meeting?

We made an executive decision during the onset of Covid for the core leadership team to remain onsite throughout the entirety of the pandemic. This decision allowed the team to meet multiple times per day to understand the current state of affairs and communicate to our respective teams the next steps in our playbook. The bond formed in our Executive Boardroom has become my go-to spot for a power meeting as I know it is the one area we can communicate anything and walk away with a plan of action for the better of the company.


About PharmaCord

PharmaCord is the connector between manufacturers, patients, physicians, and payers. The company provides customized solutions to life sciences companies that span three core areas: patient support, pharmacy services and manufacturer support. These integrated services are designed to increase accessibility, clinical oversight and market acceptance of prescription therapy. Independently owned and organically built, PharmaCord is free from any competing priorities, enabling it to design and implement patient access and support programs that align with the objectives of its life sciences clients. PharmaCord’s experienced team coupled with its proprietary CORscend™ technology platform optimizes workflow to deliver improved program execution, more rapid therapy initiation and increased patient engagement. To learn more about how PharmaCord improves commercial outcomes for life sciences companies, visit

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