Whether it is consigned inventory or strategic use of commercial inventory, our pharmacy operations center is the platform for the initiation or continuation of therapy on behalf of the biopharmaceutical manufacturer.


To support products with unique distribution channel strategies, our mail-order pharmacy operations center implements manufacturer focused initiatives including the distribution of product for patient assistance programs, quick start programs, interim care in the event a patient’s insurance changes and prescription fulfillment for therapy interruption coverage programs.

Through the pharmacy, we offer the ability to customize a biopharma manufacturer’s relationship with the patient through the patient-pharmacist connection. This can include services that also can be utilized to support ultra-orphan products when the patient population is very small and the manufacturer has a need to tightly control inventory.

Our mail-order pharmacy is fully licensed in all 50 states to provide direct-to-patient prescription fulfillment. Through the use of the technology and automation, our operation ensures overnight access to product.