• Beth Roberts

    Vice President, Administration

    Ms. Roberts is a seasoned operational leader, known for her work ethic and dedication to results. As a founding team member of PharmaCord, she develops strategies to enhance employee performance and plays a key role in business development and marketing efforts. Ms. Roberts leads the implementation and management of corporate best practices—so our clients receive industry leading service. She was also instrumental in developing our state-of-the-art facility in Jeffersonville, IN.

    Before joining PharmaCord, Ms. Roberts served as a Client Service Associate for Merrill Lynch, and Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of Omnicare, a CVS Health company. She also spent a decade as a Territory Administrator of Blockbuster—and was one of the final four employees of the former movie rental giant.

  • Nitin Sahney

    Founder & CEO

    Driven by an unwavering passion for enhancing the patient experience, Nitin Sahney has devoted his career to orchestrating transformative shifts within healthcare companies. In his role as the Founder and CEO of PharmaCord, an epitome of rapid growth within the patient services industry, Sahney has steered the company from conceptualization to a robust workforce of over 1300 employees in an impressive span of seven years. Sahney’s visionary approach is centered on streamlining the patient experience on therapy, utilizing cutting-edge technology, fostering exceptional teams & workplace culture, and establishing a non-commercial pharmacy. PharmaCord’s extensive portfolio boasts support for over 100 products from major pharmaceutical entities, underscored by an extraordinary five-year revenue CAGR of 137%. The company’s foundation is not only robust but also meticulously laid, poised for enduring success in the years ahead and an impeccable foundation laid for long-term success.

    Sahney’s prowess extends beyond the confines of PharmaCord, as he has amassed unparalleled experience collaborating with biopharmaceutical companies. His strategic acumen is exemplified through the design and execution of solutions that optimize efficiency, perpetuate operational excellence and consistently yield returns that surpass market expectations. Sahney’s distinctive ability to deliver exceptional results remains unparalleled, transcending considerations of company size, structure or vertical. In every facet of his illustrious career, he continues to redefine the standards of achievement and excellence within the healthcare industry.

    Prior to the formation of PharmaCord, Sahney served as President & CEO of Omnicare, a former Fortune 500leader in the long-term care and specialty care industries.  While leading this provider of complex pharmaceutical care, he accelerated its growth trajectory by identifying and pursuing several innovative strategic initiatives, which included a radically different drug sourcing strategy and a business outsourcing plan that was designed to optimize the organizational structure.  As a result of these programs and a transformative plan to strengthen the company’s operations, Omnicare achieved nearly 13 percent growth in annual adjusted operating income and a 77 percent increase in operating cash flows under Sahney’s leadership.  Moreover, his strategic repositioning of Omnicare generated significant value for its investors through a 49 percent total shareholder return (compared to a 9 percent return for the S&P 500) during his tenure as CEO that consummated in the $12.7 billion sale to CVS Health in August of 2015.  In recognition for his significant returns while leading Omnicare, Sahney was named to the Fortune list of “The best performing rookie CEOs of the Fortune 500”.

    Demonstrating an exceptional track record in propelling healthcare services companies from their conceptualization to unprecedented growth, Sahney’s transformative leadership has been a hallmark of his illustrious career. Notably as the visionary founder of RxCrossroads, he orchestrated the evolution of a start-up into one of the nation’s most rapidly ascending specialty pharmaceutical service companies that ultimately leveraged into a $240 million sale of the company in 2005, four years following its formation.

    In a testament to his financial acuity, from 2008 to 2010, Sahney directed a personal healthcare investment fund, achieving returns that significantly outpaced market benchmarks. This period showcased not only his strategic foresight but also his adept management of financial portfolios in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

    Sahney’s journey of turning visionary concepts into substantial corporate success stories and astute financial stewardship positions him as a transformative force in the healthcare industry, with a proven history of achieving exceptional outcomes and driving substantial returns on investment.

    Professional Experience:

    Founder and CEO | PharmaCord | February 2017 – Present

    • Led PharmaCord to the achievement of the industry’s highest Net Promoter Score
    • Grew the company from concept to 1,300+ employees in under 7 years
      • 250% YOY growth as of 2023
    • Orchestrated two strategic facility expansions within a span of two years, overseeing the establishment of a state-of-the-art facility for operational team members and the substantial expansion of PharmaCordScripts, non-commercial pharmacy

    PharmaCord Experience and Key Achievements:

    Sahney has led PharmaCord through unprecedented success, including:

    • Triple Digit Revenue Growth
      • Generated a five-year revenue CAGR of 137% through 2023, while consistently expanding margins to ensure profitable growth
    • Explosive Employee Growth
      • Led the strategic expansion of PharmaCord, growing the employee base to 1,300+ since the company’s formation in 2017, becoming a significant source of new jobs across the Kentuckiana region
    • Product Portfolio Expansion
      • Successfully supported 100+ specialty products across 15 therapeutic categories, demonstrating significant scale and commercial expertise
    • Client Program Success
      • Launched 20+ new client programs, showcasing the company’s ability to innovate and adapt to evolving market conditions & client needs
    • Industry Leading Net Promotor Score
      • Attained an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS), solidifying PharmaCord as one of the largest and most esteemed patient services companies in the industry
    • Best Place to Work Recognition
      • PharmaCord has been recognized as a ‘Best Place to Work’ in the State of Kentucky, reflecting a positive & thriving work culture

    Previous Leadership Triumphs

    • Steered Omnicare as CEO, orchestrating its monumental $12.7 billion acquisition by CVS Health, a feat accompanied by a total shareholder return exceeding an impressive 50%
    • As the visionary Founder of RxCrossroads, led the company’s operations from inception to a remarkable $240 million sale within a four-year time period

    Distinguished Achievements:

    • Garnered recognition as the ‘Best Performing Rookie CEO of the Fortune 500” for exceptional leadership at Omnicare, an accolade that underscores a trailblazing career
    • Achieved unparalleled financial performance at PharmaCord, characterized by industry-leading revenue growth and margin

    Board Memberships:

    • Currently serves on the Board of Directors of EXL (NASDAQ: EXLS), a leading data analytics and digital operations and solutions company
    • Recently served on the Board of Directors of Option Care Health Inc. (NASDDAQ: OPCH), the nation’s largest independent provider of home and alternate site infusion services, where he was a board member during the company’s transformational merger with Bioscrip and its transition from a privately held to a public company

    Visionary Leadership:

    • Sahney’s leadership is characterized by an unparalleled fusion of strategic vision and operational discipline, as evidenced by his transformative endeavors within healthcare companies and his fearless challenge of industry norms. His poised approach is not merely a reflection of the past, but a commitment to an ongoing evolution, where he stands ready to propel and lead positive change within the dynamic landscape of the healthcare sector.
  • Ashok Singh

    Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

    Highly respected in the industry for using technology to solve complex healthcare problems, Mr. Singh is responsible for the strategy and ongoing development of Lynk, our innovative technology platform. Because of his strong background in building complex patient engagement and data analytics platforms—and deep understanding of the patient journey—Mr. Singh continually looks for new ways to improve the tools and solutions we can offer to our partners. He was executing big data projects before AI was popular, and his eye for what’s next positions our company—and our clients—for growth.

    Before joining PharmaCord, Mr. Singh was the Chief Information Officer at Omnicare, Inc., a former Fortune 500 healthcare services company. There, his comprehensive technology strategy for consolidating Omnicare’s disparate pharmacy systems resulted in $75 million in annual savings. In his time as Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Aurora Health Care, he led a three-year, $200 million deployment of Epic Electronic Health Record system, making it one of the most transformative technology deployments in the provider healthcare space. He has also served as Vice President of IT, Pharmacy & Corporate Systems at CVS Health, a Fortune 10 healthcare services company.

  • Patrick Lee

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Lee is a versatile corporate finance executive, have held senior roles within finance, strategy, investor relations and product development across a wide range of public and private companies. At PharmaCord, he is responsible for the finance, human resources and marketing functions. He has helped guide the development of these critical support functions through various stages of PharmaCord’s growth journey.

    Before joining PharmaCord, Mr. Lee led the product and business development efforts for CVS Health’s long-term care business. While there, he developed many solutions, including one for payers designed to increase quality of care and lower costs for senior living residents, while positioning CVS Health for accelerated pharmacy growth. Mr. Lee transitioned to CVS Health from Omnicare, where he led strategy and investor relations amid the company’s $12.7 billion sale to CVS Health. While at Omnicare, he directed several key initiatives, including unlocking over $1.2 billion in market capitalization by adopting an “adjusted cash earnings” methodology, which better conveyed the company’s strong cash flows.  For his many contributions, he was named to the 2013 All-America Executive Team (Institutional Investor).  Mr. Lee has also held finance, operations, and investor relations roles in TriNet Group, Inc. and Signet Jewelers.

  • Denise Von Dohren

    Senior Vice President, Patient Services

    A dynamic solution developer and operations lead, Ms. Von Dohren develops business opportunities with new and existing clients, and provides executive oversight for operations of a portfolio of PharmaCord’s client programs. Through her leadership, she is responsible for growing and evolving services for more than one-third of the PharmaCord’s programs. Her dedication to improving pharmaceutical access, and 20+ years of leadership in patient services are incredibly valuable to our clients.

    Over the years Ms. Von Dohren has worked with both providers and manufacturers. Most recently, she served as Director of Patient Services at CSL Behring. While there, she reshaped their domestic patient services strategy. Prior to that, she held a VP role at both RxCrossroads by McKesson and Director in several capacities at Merck. In her roles at Merck she oversaw all patient access and patient assistance programs, and served as a marketing director in the oncology franchise.

  • David Hileman

    Executive Vice President

    A registered pharmacist and patient services executive known for delivering results, Mr. Hileman supports PharmaCord’s operations, business development, and strategic initiatives  —focused on supporting specialty products and complex disease states. In his career, he has launched or transitioned over 50 patient support programs. Under his pharmaceutical experience and leadership, PharmaCord is developing partnerships with biopharma manufacturers to drive the commercial success of their specialty medications.

    Mr. Hileman has developed strategies and operational improvements in both startups and Fortune 500 companies. As a senior executive with Omnicare he led operations within the Specialty Care Group, Long Term Care Group as well as commercial operations. Before this position, he was a founding executive of RxCrossroads, a leading commercialization services company. Throughout his 30+ career in healthcare services, he has been featured in numerous trade publications and has spoken at a variety of conferences about commercialization services.

  • Rob Brown

    Vice President, Operations

    An accomplished pharmaceutical leader, Mr. Brown oversees operations, organic growth and business development for PharmaCord. His insights, experience and dedication to improving patients’ lives are key drivers in our company’s ongoing success. He brings to our company 20 years of experience in maximizing commercialization, distribution, and access to pharmaceuticals.

    Mr. Brown has spent his 20+ year career in the industry, leading RxCrossroads through two acquisitions, and serving in leadership at CVS Health, McKesson, and Omnicare Specialty Care Group, where he successfully delivered revenue, operational improvements and market share growth. Most recently, he served as Vice President & General Manager for McKesson’s pharmacy services. He also has more than 10 years of experience in leading the operations and business development efforts for Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, where he helped pioneer and lead many new service offerings.

  • Cindy Padgett, J.D.

    Vice President

    Well-versed in the legal and operational aspects of patient services, Ms. Padgett joins her colleagues to create unique service solutions and serves as the head of legal affairs for PharmaCord. In her 20+ year career, she has designed and contracted 400+ service programs for top-performing companies in the healthcare industry.

    Her distinguished career has involved leadership roles in patient services, reimbursement, legal, and compliance. Prior to joining PharmaCord, Ms. Padgett was a VP at US WorldMeds, leading the management of patient access programs, field reimbursement, government accounts and contracting. She also had a long career with RxCrossroads, an Omnicare Specialty Company, serving in many leadership roles, including General Manager.

  • Jim Karp

    Non-Executive Chairman and Partner

    A stalwart entrepreneur and investor, Mr. Karp brings deep experience in healthcare and successful corporate operations to PharmaCord. Mr. Karp is the current owner and operator of America Place and Kaden Companies, comprising more than one million square feet of building space and home to over 30 businesses across a variety of industries in the Kentucky and Indiana area.

    Mr. Karp was CEO and owner of RxCrossroads, which was sold to Omnicare in 2005 for $240 million. His foresight and experience in the medical field was instrumental in the development of MDI’s transportation and cold-storage services, making MDI one of the country’s top frozen plasma transportation and storage companies. Mr. Karp is a decorated Army veteran.