PharmaCord Earns Prestigious Recognition as ‘Top 100 Large Companies for Women’ by Comparably

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind., December 27, 2023 – We are thrilled to announce that PharmaCord has been honored with the recognition of Top 100 Best Companies for Women, by Comparably. This award underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering a workplace culture that empowers and supports women at every level of our organization. 

Highlighting the Women at PharmaCord

In celebration of this achievement, we invited five women within our organization to share their thoughts on working at PharmaCord, their advice for others, and the influential figures who inspire them. 

  • Arionia Coates, Associate Program Manager, Team Member since 2019
  • Carol Chen, Business Intelligence Analyst, Team Member since 2022
  • Krissy LaFountain, Senior Program Manager, Team Member since 2019
  • Jolee Lynch, Associate Program Manager, Team Member since 2022
  • Michelle Leslie, Pharmacy Operations Supervisor, Team Member since 2019

How does PharmaCord cultivate a strong and supportive team culture?

Arionia: By prioritizing collaboration, empowerment, well-being, and empathetic leadership, PharmaCord cultivates a team culture that’s not just strong but thriving. It’s a place where creativity flourishes, data empowers, and everyone feels valued and inspired to make a difference in patients’ lives.

Carol: Everyone here at PharmaCord is nice, kind, and willing to help. The managers always acknowledge your efforts and give you more opportunities to grow. They ensure you feel seen, trusted, and respected.

Jolee: This company distinguishes itself through a unique and infectious company culture centered around positivity and inclusivity. The team’s collective dedication to making a significant impact on patients’ lives fuels a collaborative environment, fostering innovation and excellence across programs. The pervasive spirit of mutual support ensures that team members consistently assist their colleagues, creating a dynamic workplace focused on individual and collective success.

Krissy: PharmaCord creates a strong and supportive team culture by incorporating interdepartmental collaboration, a strong and encouraging leadership team, and a strong common goal among the corporation. 

Michelle: PharmaCord cultivates a strong and supportive team culture through effective communication, transparency, employee engagement, work-life balance, and professional development. All these aspects allow employees to feel like they are part of more than just a job. They can engage with others and share ideas through various avenues creating an atmosphere of togetherness.

What advice do you have for other women looking to begin their career in your field?

Arionia: Remember, your journey in Program Management and Operations will be unique. Celebrate your accomplishments, learn from your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to break through any barriers that come your way. You have the power to achieve great things in this field!

Carol: I would tell someone to break down their goals into smaller, achievable ones and tackle them one by one. Be faithful in your daily work and patient with the process; you will get there.

Jolee: For women entering this field, my key advice is to be a sponge: absorb knowledge from every facet of your role, including areas that may seem unrelated. Embrace continuous learning, as the more diverse knowledge you accumulate, the greater value you contribute to the team. This depth of understanding will undoubtedly set you apart and allow you to bring more value to your team in the future.

Krissy: I would tell other women looking to begin their careers in this field to always go above the expectations and believe in their potential. View challenges as learning opportunities and be willing to accept feedback. Also, always let your leadership team know your career aspirations and goals. 

Michelle: Starting a career in pharmacy can be rewarding, but like any profession, it comes with its challenges and opportunities. Some advice would be to develop strong communication skills, gain practical experience, and embrace technology. The biggest thing to remember is that your journey in pharmacy is unique, and there are many diverse paths within the field. Stay passionate about patient care, remain adaptable to changes in the healthcare landscape, and continue learning throughout your career.

Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women? Who?

Arionia: Kimberly Bryant has inspired me by empowering young girls from underrepresented communities to pursue careers in technology and leadership roles. I am also inspired by Kimberly Smith, an Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer at a global pharmaceutical company. She implements data-driven strategies to optimize operations and drive growth, proving women can excel in high-level leadership roles. Both women showcase resilience, innovation, and dedication to operational excellence, serving as invaluable inspiration for anyone aspiring to make their mark in this dynamic field.

Carol: Within PharmaCord, I would say my manager, Mariam Ahmed, is an inspiration. She is so professional and efficient in the field, loves to see and help you grow, and always shows her appreciation for your work. Outside of PharmaCord, I take inspiration from Elisabeth Elliot. She is such a decisive, faithful, and wise woman.

Jolee: Throughout my career, I’ve consistently found professional inspiration in other women, benefiting from strong female role models in leadership positions who invested in my growth. I have drawn professional inspiration from the leadership styles of Morgan Talbot and Sarah Walker within our female leadership team here at PharmaCord. Their guidance has been a constant source of learning for me, shaping my journey and contributing significantly to my growth in this role. Having these strong female leaders to turn to for advice has been an indispensable asset, providing unwavering support and wisdom that has truly enriched my experience at the company.

Krissy: I have drawn professional inspiration from other women, including many leaders here at PharmaCord! Throughout my career, I have been blessed with many amazing mentors who have helped guide me and continue to guide me on my career path. I will forever be grateful to them!

Michelle: One woman I have drawn professional inspiration from is Eleanor Roosevelt, who served as the First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945. She is an amazing woman who made great strides in social and political causes. I believe in making contributions not only to your work but also to the world around you, and she is someone I look up to when I think about how I want to keep moving forward and making a difference not only for PharmaCord, but also for our patients as well.

The PharmaCord Difference

As we celebrate the honor of being recognized as one of the Top 100 Best Company for Women by Comparably, we remain dedicated to the continuous journey of innovation, collaboration, and support for all our team members. If you’re interested in joining the PharmaCord team, please visit our website at 

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