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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 28, 2017

Specialty Biopharma Services Company Launched

Introduces Innovative Approach to Connecting Biopharma Manufacturers with Physicians and Patients

Louisville, Ky. (February 28, 2017) – PharmaCord LLC, an independently owned healthcare services company, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is introducing innovative, tailored solutions to alleviate product access hurdles faced by patients which, in turn, drives commercial success for biopharma products. PharmaCord provides comprehensive solutions that link reimbursement services, patient-centric pharmacy, care coordination, clinical services and patient assistance programs through a unique technology-based platform. The company seamlessly links and manages the more complicated aspects of treatment delivery, facilitating access for patients to innovative treatments by serving as a connector between manufacturers, patients, physicians and payors.

With over twenty years’ industry experience and multiple product launches in the specialty channel, Nitin Sahney, the company’s founder and CEO, has led companies through transformational growth and served as a major player in the nation’s healthcare industry.  As founder of RxCrossroads, a specialty pharmaceutical services startup, and President & CEO of Omnicare, a former Fortune 500 leader in the long-term care and specialty care industry, Sahney has introduced innovative approaches in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.  Now, with the launch of PharmaCord, he has assembled an experienced team with extensive industry knowledge to further his collaborative approach to innovation.

“As an independently owned, fully funded company, we are developing the technology and tools to provide biopharmaceutical manufacturers with efficient solutions to address the barriers of access for specialty products treating chronic diseases,” Sahney states.

PharmaCord will work with biopharmaceutical manufacturers to evaluate barriers to product access that exist for patients and physicians, and create custom solutions for the unique needs of each product and manufacturer.  Sahney explains, “We are investing significantly into the development of our proprietary platform, Intersections©.  Starting with traditional hub services and consigned pharmacy, we layer on clinical and data analytics to create a powerful tool enabling us to operate efficiently, along with increasing the quality and accessibility of actionable data.  Ultimately, branded and customized programs increase conversion to therapy and improve adherence through personalized targeted outreach.”  Through this platform, solutions range from reimbursement services, a patient-centric pharmacy, care coordination and patient assistance programs.  These are structured with a focus on the key stakeholders in a product’s success including physicians, patients and payors.

About PharmaCord

An independently owned company, PharmaCord provides services to biopharma manufacturers supporting the commercialization of specialty products.  The company is the connector between manufacturers, patients, physicians and payors.  Solutions drive efficient and rapid therapy initiation and increased patient engagement.

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