CAPS Center

PharmaCord’s CAPS (Centralized Access Patient Service) Center is the nexus for service elements supporting the movement of patients along their journey to therapy. These integrated services are utilized predominately by patients and physicians, but also accessed by pharmacies, hospitals and our biopharma clients.

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Reimbursement & Financial Support
PharmaCord will assist by investigating benefits, supporting prior authorizations and appeals, identifying alternate forms of funding such as commercial co-pay programs or through charitable foundations.  The design and management of Patient Assistance Programs is a core competency of PharmaCord.
Care Coordination

Once the patient fully understands their financial obligations, the next step is to coordinate the initiation of therapy.  Solutions are tailored to the unique aspects of each product and patient population. From which pharmacy to acquire the prescription to injection training, our Patient Care Coordinators take this burden off the patient’s shoulders.  We manage the specialty pharmacy network for each product, deliver appropriate product training in order to ensure a smooth and rapid initiation of therapy.

Clinical Services
Our clinical service teams are comprised of patient care specialists, nurses and pharmacists.  This team interacts with patients to deliver education and training for product administration, questions pertaining to the therapy they are on and understanding the total therapeutic picture.  Services provided are in conjunction with other care providers such as the patient’s physician and dispensing pharmacy.  The focus of this team is to make certain the patient fully understands both how to take their medication and the impact the product will have on their disease state.
Adherence Programs
Programs are designed to drive brand loyalty. We provide patients therapy management tools which can include interactions to confirm they are taking their medication in the prescribed manner, refill coordination and side effect management.
Educational Support

In addition to providing clinical education and training we believe it is equally important to ensure the patient has a full understanding of other areas that can impact their ability to reach their clinical goals. We provide education through patient intervention programs to help them better manage their disease. Additionally, for certain therapeutic categories, lifestyle management tools are developed and used to support changes needed that are in conjunction with the use of medications. These can include areas such as monitoring the amount of exercise, reviewing dietary changes and recording sleep activity.  These programs are created to enhance the overall knowledge of the patient and their disease thus increasing therapeutic engagement.

The CAPS Center pharmacy supports patients through the distribution of product for quick start programs, offers interim care support in the event a patient’s insurance changes and provides prescription fulfillment for therapy interruption coverage programs. The pharmacy services can also provide support to biopharma manufacturers that need inventory control for their products.