When was the last time your service provider offered new insights about your product?

Conversion of Data Into Insights

Data can be a powerful tool to help you refine your product’s commercial strategy, but only if the data is reliable, comprehensive and timely. Our approach ensures these elements when converting data into insights through our sophisticated data integration process that is analyzed and interpreted by the industry’s most experienced team. This approach helps ensure you have the best information available to guide your brand throughout its lifecycle.


Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled CORsights reporting platform acts as your gateway to disseminating critical information across your organization. Widely accessible based on pre-established rules and permissions, CORsights provides valuable insights to marketing, trade, sales, market access and every critical department in between. Put simply, CORsights is a foundational tool that brings you closer to your product’s performance in real-time with features that warrant its position as best-in-class. 

Looking forward

Data is only important if you know how to use it. Utilizing interactive reporting capabilities and Machine Learning (ML), our CORsights tool provides actionable insights about your program. Taking it a step further, using predictive analytics, we integrate our team’s extensive experience to prepare you for what lies ahead. Only through foresight can you make the right refinements to your commercial strategy that can improve your brand’s positioning, and only with the right partner can you develop an analytics program that helps you achieve your goals.