By developing an integrated patient centric approach, we helped a world-leading growth hormone manufacturer to go from sixth to first in market share.


A fragmented, siloed patient support program managed by numerous vendors that ultimately prohibited the program’s effectiveness. The program’s manual process was interfering with the process flow and needed to be consolidated. Our client faced multiple issues. Patient engagement and physician loyalty were nearly non-existent. As a result, gaining sales momentum was challenging due to the negative interactions both patient and physician had experienced.


After a landscape analysis of the competition, marketplace and existing programs, the foundation for a patient centric process began to emerge. Working collaboratively, several key elements were identified and implemented. Manual forms moved to electronic, agents were assigned dedicated tasks for more focus, and case managers were aligned to specific territories to establish and build relationships. The next step was to look at the clinical training support piece and connect this important element as a single branded experience. We implemented a best practice of locating a nurse for one-on-one patient and caregiver training within a 100-mile radius of any potential patient. By bringing the process in-house, we could recruit, educate and train nurses who were then deployed to the patient’s homes, personalizing the training. By acting as an extension of the manufacturer’s product and focusing on care partner education, patients had a better experience which promoted adherence for continued brand loyalty.


Re-designing the program into an integrated solution with a focus on the patient experience resulted in an increase in patient engagement and operational efficiency. The program’s success, as a newly-consolidated program, reduced delays in therapy initiation and transition errors. Steady growth was seen in both market share and satisfaction scores from patients and physicians, ultimately increasing the patient adherence and brand loyalty. By partnering with an experienced team, this client became #1 in total market share and realized record new patient enrollments using these patient-focused support elements.

About PharmaCord

An independently owned company, PharmaCord provides services to biopharma manufacturers supporting the commercialization of specialty products.  The company is the connector between manufacturers, patients, physicians and payors.  Solutions drive efficient and rapid therapy initiation and increased patient engagement.

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