The clients existing program was administered by a company owned subsidiary and a large national PBM owned mail order pharmacy.

The patient experience with this program was disjointed and sterile. On one hand, the interactions were in alignment with how the manufacturer represented their brand to patients and consumers. However, as patients received their prescriptions, the experience was impersonal. It was difficult for a patient to understand that the prescription was from the manufacturer’s program. Patients experienced delays or gaps in their therapy, as the shipment of these prescriptions was not a priority for the PBM owned mail order pharmacy. While the manufacturer recognized these challenges, the risk was making a change in a program. Change would not be easy with hundreds of thousands of patients enrolled. Additionally, if the manufacturer was going to invest the time, energy and money in making a change, the process needed to be smooth and the results dramatic.


Through our strategic consulting, we designed the new customer experience with a focus on carrying out the manufacturer’s message to the patients. The program became an extension of the manufacturer’s brand image to ensure consistent, positive messaging to the patients. Making each interaction seem as if it was directly coming from the manufacturer themselves added an additional layer of reinforcing the partnership. The data and operational integration with the company owned subsidiary was imperative and accomplished through data interfaces and operational procedures. Attention to all details and every aspect of the transition was managed from the very top of our company.

By developing a patient centric delivery model we helped a top 5 pharmaceutical manufacturer significantly improve volume and customer experience.


High volume, superior customer experience – all with a seamless transition just ninety days after contract we were fulfilling over 9,000 prescriptions per day. The patient experience with the program became equivalent to the reputation the manufacturer still holds today.

About PharmaCord

An independently owned company, PharmaCord provides services to biopharma manufacturers supporting the commercialization of specialty products.  The company is the connector between manufacturers, patients, physicians and payors.  Solutions drive efficient and rapid therapy initiation and increased patient engagement.

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